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Prepaid Cards

The world is moving from paper to plastic. Have you thought about your prepaid card promotion strategy? Join the movement to plastic within the safe confines of our prepaid card solutions. We can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, build loyalty for your brand, increase sales and ultimately save you money in the end.

Superior flexibility and functionality.

Our branded prepaid cards wear many hats. Whatever your goal or objective, we can customize a card solution to fit your program needs with an open-loop or closed-loop prepaid reward card.

We may just save you some money.

Our prepaid cards generate savings over check-based programs. We specifically engineered them this way so that our clients could save money on promotion costs.

YA has you covered.

Our standard solution even protects you. With our standard prepaid card products our clients are fully indemnified and held harmless from all legal, financial, fraud and advertising risks arising from the operation of the program. (Certain limitations apply. Please contact Young America for further details.)

Program Types

  • Rebate Cards
  • Sweepstakes, Games & Contests
  • Incentives: Sales, Channel & Employee
  • Loyalty

Card Types

  • Open-Loop (Conditional Offer)
  • Open-Loop (Fee-Down)
  • Closed-Loop (Conditional Offer)
  • Closed-Loop (Fee-Down)